What Are The Different Types Of Deck Stains and Sealers?

What Are The Different Types Of Sealers And Deck Stains?

Many homeowners wonder what are the different types of sealers and deck stains. How will they look on my deck?  How long do they hold up? This is a simple chart of the opacity of sealers and stains. I would recommend purchasing a color chart to get an idea of these types of  sealers. Many places such as Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and PPG to name a few have color charts, many will give away for free. This will allow you to compare colors at home for your deck or wood surface.

Types of Wood Deck Sealers and Stains

Clear sealers :

Protects wood from sun and moisture while allowing the wood to gray naturally. Water repellents protect wood against cracking, splitting and warping. Clear sealers have little to know opacity.


A penetrating oil or water-based clear waterproofing sealant that protects the natural beauty of the wood with a slight hint of color.

Semi-Transparent :

A penetrating acrylic/oil formula that stains and seals wood to offer great protection against water damage, UV rays, scuffs and provides a mildew-resistant coating. Semi Transparent introduces delicate color to the wood’s surface. Semi-Transparent stains contain the lightest pigmentation designed to accentuate natural wood grain and character.

Semi Solid:

This unique semi-solid/semi-opaque finish masks the wood grain but allows texture to show through. While Semi-Solid Stains provide greater opacity, they still highlight the natural texture of wood and provide a deep-penetrating, flat finish.

Solid Stain:

A coat of a solid deck stain completely hides the wood grain by creating a heavily pigmented film on the surface similar to paint. These come in any color imaginable and are available in both water-based and oil-based formulas.
Pros: Superb UV protection due to so much pigment


Here is a link and example of a solid deck stain from Cabot http://amzn.to/2wBB1ZX

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