Disclaimer: These are purely my suggestions and recommendations. From more than 20 years in the business.

A 2600psi or higher gas pressure washers  can do some pretty serious damages but it doesn’t mean you couldn’t use those units for your applications. Many gas powered pressure washers will allow you to adjust the power level. You could use those pressure washers to wash your car and windows or strip paint off your old wooden fence. High power pressure washers will be A LOT more versatile than those under powered 1500psi or 1800psi ones. My recommendation is if you find yourself only washing your car on occasion or rinsing off patio furniture. From my experience their is no need to purchase any unit higher than 2600psi (pounds per square inch).

Honda is famous for their small gasoline engines. Like their cars and lawnmowers, their gas pressure washers also live up to this reputation. They are easy to start. They are easy on gas. And they will last for who knows how long with just regular maintenance. A 2600psi pressure washer is capable of making dents (with the “right” nozzle) on your stucco (or even your drive way) already and it will be good enough for residential cleaning. But since power levels could be adjusted, it won’t hurt if you get yourself a bigger unit (if you think extra power is worth the cost). Our local Costco, Home Depot, Lowe’s  stores sells Honda pressure washers for under $500. Maybe you should check yours too. 🙂

Caution Needed and Safety : Be careful with those pressure washers. Always check the power setting before each use. They can cause extreme damage. But if deal with pressure washers on a regular basis you already know this.

Don’t be tempted to test how powerful the jet stream is with your hand. Many high pressure washers are very capable of giving you very nasty cuts.

If you have read my post  and quotes in the past I am partial to Honda Pressure Washers. Again many have their preference and this is mine. After 20 years in the industry I can fully recommend my favorite tried and true Pressure Washers. I will highlight two different units. One residential and one for commercial use.Here listed below are my recommendations.

*** When not using your pressure in downtime particularly the winter when temperature reach below -32 or freezing. You must winterize your pump or store in a heated garage or similar. Safe area with good ventilation. Not in contact with living space. When not ini use I simply unbolt my pump and store indoors for the offseason. Freezing the inside of your pump with water left in it- WILL DESTROY YOUR PUMP SEALS,BUSHING ETC.


For Commercial Use:

Residential Use:


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