Junk Removal

We will come out to your home or business to provide a FREE ESTIMATE for your junk removal. The junk removal fee is based on the volume of items you have or what we call the load of our truck. We also will price junk removal according to what you want removed. For example: An a la carte price for refrigerators, stoves, couches, etc.

Where will we go to get your junk? Anywhere!
Garages, Attics, Basements, and Storage Facilities. We go wherever you need us to remove your junk!
We take all of the following items:
Old furniture, Appliances, Household items, Construction & Renovation Debris, Pianos, Hot Tubs, Sheds, Office furniture, Copiers, Computer Equipment, and MORE!
We can NOT take the following hazardous materials:
Any items containing gas or oil, any medical or biological waste, feces, paint, paint thinners or paint strippers, pesticides, herbicides, oil burning furnaces and fluorescent tubes.

How do we determine the charge for the full service Junk Removal?
We charge by the load or by the item. This will make it affordable for you. Why pay for a full load if you don’t have to. We are limited to the Knox and Anderson counties areas.

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