Professional Tip Of The Day

Save time and money.

Invest in a high pressure shut off for your pressure washer.

This will enable you to switch back and forth from a traditional pressure wand and a flat surface cleaner.

Of course this is only if your unit does not already have one.

Simply attach this shut off valve at the end of your pressure hose.

Now you have the ability to attach different accessories.

For example pole extensions,flat surface cleaners and many other parts. And NOT have to shut down your machine to add attachments.

I LOVE having this ability. Saves so much time and money by not stopping so often.




  • High-pressure ball valve has a 3/8 in. male plug and a 3/8 in. female quick connector
  • Zinc-plated ball valve kit designed for high-pressure hoses.
  • Superior leak resistance.
  • Valve is easy to turn and provides good leverage under high pressure.
  • Max PSI: 4,000 PSI

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