How to: Use a pressure washer

There are two types of pressure washers – gas powered and electric. A pump pressurizes the water from a garden hose to 1000 pounds or more and then forces the water through the spray wand. The pressure measurement is called PSI, or pounds per square inch. A gas powered pressure washer will deliver higher water pressure, around 3000 psi, versus an electric, which delivers about 1400 psi.

Before starting your pressure washer, be sure to clear any debris from the intake and tighten all hose connections to ensure air will stay out of the lines.

Set the spray wand to a low pressure setting to avoid any kickback when starting the pressure washer. Turn on the water hose and quickly squeeze the wand trigger a couple of times to prime the pump and dispel any air.

Keep the washer on a low pressure setting until you get used to the force of the water. Be careful to avoid windows when pressure washing a house.

Aim and spray in sweeping motions, keeping the trigger pressed down. Watch all the grime wash away!

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